The Indigo-Blue Adventure of Chandarava the Jackal

The Indigo-Blue Adventure of Chandarava the Jackal The Wolf and the Crane from The Panchatantra

The Indigo-Blue Adventure of Chandarava the Jackal

In a vibrant jungle teeming with life, there lived a jackal named Chandarava. He was no ordinary jackal; his curiosity and cleverness set him apart from the rest. One sunny day, hunger gnawed at Chandarava’s belly, prompting him to venture into the nearby city in search of food.

However, his city escapade took an unexpected turn when a pack of barking dogs cornered him. In their aggression, they wounded Chandarava with their sharp teeth. To escape this perilous situation, Chandarava darted into a dyer’s house, where an enormous vat of indigo dye awaited.

Without a second thought, Chandarava leaped into the vat, and the indigo dye completely covered his body. He emerged from the vat transformed; he was no longer a standard jackal. Instead, he resembled a creature from another world, bathed in a striking shade of indigo-blue.

As he stepped out, the barking dogs, confused and terrified, failed to recognize the once-familiar jackal. They scattered in all directions, leaving Chandarava in peace.

Returning to the jungle, Chandarava quickly realized that the indigo dye clung stubbornly to his fur. As the saying goes, “Glue, an idiot, a woman, a crab, a shark, indigo dye, and a drunkard never let go once they attach themselves to something.”

However, Chandarava’s newfound appearance was not without its advantages. When the animals of the jungle, including lions, tigers, elephants, wolves, and others, beheld the indigo-blue jackal, they reacted with a mixture of fear and awe. Uncertain of his strength and intentions, they decided to flee, guided by a wise proverb: “A man of intelligence who seeks his welfare will never trust anyone whose character, family, and strength he does not know.”

But Chandarava, reveling in his newfound status, called out to the retreating animals. He assured them that he was no ordinary jackal but a divine creation of Brahma himself. According to his tale, Brahma had designated him as Kukudruma, the king of the animals, and charged him with their protection.

Intrigued and yearning for guidance, the animals returned to Chandarava, seeking refuge under his benevolent rule. The lions, tigers, elephants, and others offered their allegiance, awaiting their king’s commands.

Kukudruma, as Chandarava now named himself, appointed specific duties for each animal. However, he made one exception – he wanted nothing to do with his fellow jackals, chasing them away.

Under Kukudruma’s reign, life in the jungle flourished. The lion and the tiger became his hunting companions, bringing back prey to be distributed among the other animals.

Time passed, and Kukudruma’s rule continued unchallenged. Until one day, a distant howl echoed through the jungle, a howl that resonated with Kukudruma like a long-lost song. Unable to contain his emotions, he stood up and howled in response.

The other animals, hearing Kukudruma’s howl, realized the truth. They recognized it as the call of a jackal, not a divine king. Shame washed over them, and their initial fear gave way to anger.

In a swift turn of events, the animals decided that Kukudruma had deceived them, and they now sought his demise. Desperate to escape their wrath, Kukudruma attempted to flee but was swiftly torn to pieces by the very creatures he had once ruled.

As Damanaka concluded his story, he shared a valuable lesson: “He who betrays his own confidants and replaces them with outsiders shall meet a fate akin to King Kukudruma.”

Upon hearing this, Pingalaka, the lion, inquired about the proof of Sanjivaka’s ill intentions. Damanaka responded with an alarming revelation, setting the stage for a suspenseful turn of events.


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