The Frogs and the Well from The Panchatantra: A Bedtime Tale

The Frogs and the Well from The Panchatantra: A Bedtime Tale

The Frogs and the Well from The Panchatantra: A Bedtime Tale

In the heart of a lush, green forest, there was a serene pond, home to a community of frogs. These frogs lived contentedly in their pond, hopping along the banks, leaping into the water, and croaking songs of joy throughout the day. But their world was about to change in a most unexpected way, as they would soon discover a new and wondrous place—an old well located nearby.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a warm, golden glow across the pond, the night came alive with the sounds of nature. It was bedtime for the frogs, and they nestled among the reeds and lily pads, eager to hear a story from the Panchatantra, a treasury of ancient Indian fables.

One wise old frog, named Raman, was known throughout the community for his stories and wisdom. Tonight, he would share a tale that had been passed down through generations—a story of curiosity, adventure, and the consequences of haste.

Raman began, “Long ago, in the heart of this very forest, there lived a community of frogs much like us. They were happy in their pond, but one day, a young frog named Raj made a curious discovery. ‘Have you all heard about the well?’ he asked his fellow frogs.”

The young frogs perked up with interest, their eyes wide as saucers. They had heard whispers of the well but knew little about it.

“The well is a vast, dark place, unlike anything we’ve ever seen,” Raman continued. “It’s filled with water so deep that it seems to touch the very depths of the Earth. And the best part is that the water is crystal clear, so pure that it sparkles like a thousand diamonds.”

The frogs listened in awe as Raman painted a vivid picture of the well with his words. They imagined the sparkling water and felt a sense of wonder and excitement.

“Raj, being young and adventurous, couldn’t resist the temptation,” Raman continued. “He decided to venture out and see this well for himself, despite the warnings of his elders.”

The young frogs could relate to Raj’s curiosity and desire for adventure. They imagined themselves standing at the edge of the pond, peering into the unknown.

“Raj embarked on his journey and soon arrived at the well,” Raman said. “And what he saw took his breath away. The well was indeed as magnificent as the rumors had described.”

The frogs closed their eyes and pictured the well, its dark, stone walls reaching up to the sky, and the glistening water below. They could almost feel the cool breeze that wafted up from the depths.

“Raj spent hours exploring the well, leaping from stone to stone, and basking in the beauty of this new world,” Raman continued. “But as the day wore on, he realized that he had lost track of time, and the sun was beginning to set.”

The young frogs gasped in anticipation, wondering what would happen to Raj as darkness approached.

“Raj hurried to make his way back to the pond, but in his haste, he slipped and fell into the well,” Raman said. “The walls were too steep and smooth for him to climb, and he found himself trapped.”

The frogs in the audience gasped, their eyes wide with concern. They imagined poor Raj, alone and frightened in the darkness of the well.

“Back at the pond, Raj’s fellow frogs grew worried when he didn’t return,” Raman continued. “They called out to him, but there was no answer. They realized that he must have gone to the well and feared the worst.”

The frogs in the audience could feel the anxiety and sadness that filled the hearts of Raj’s friends. They longed for his safe return.

“The frogs of the pond gathered together and devised a plan to rescue Raj,” Raman said. “They knew they couldn’t do it alone, so they sought the help of a wise old tortoise named Shyam, who lived nearby.”

The frogs imagined the tortoise, wise and slow-moving, as he listened to their plea for help. They admired the courage and determination of Raj’s friends.

“Shyam agreed to help and made his way to the well,” Raman continued. “With his sturdy shell and slow but steady pace, he was able to reach the bottom of the well and rescue Raj.”

The frogs in the audience cheered, their hearts filled with relief and joy. They could almost see Shyam’s wise old eyes and feel the embrace of Raj’s grateful friends.

“Raj was safe and sound, and the frogs of the pond celebrated his return,” Raman concluded. “But they had learned a valuable lesson about the dangers of haste and the importance of seeking help when faced with challenges.”

As Raman’s story came to a close, the frogs settled down for a peaceful night’s rest. They knew that the well would always be there, tempting them with its beauty and mystery. But they also knew that they could be patient and seek help from wise friends like Shyam when needed.

And so, as the frogs closed their eyes and drifted off to sleep, they carried with them the timeless wisdom of the Panchatantra—the wisdom of curiosity tempered by caution, and the understanding that true friends are there to lend a helping hand in times of need. 


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