The Geese and the Tortoise from The Panchatantra: A Bedtime Tale

The Bedtime Story of an Old Man

The Geese and the Tortoise from The Panchatantra: A Bedtime Tale

In a peaceful corner of a sprawling forest, there lived a wise old tortoise named Shyam. Shyam had seen many seasons come and go, and he had gained a reputation for his wisdom and storytelling. Each evening, as the sun set in the sky and the world grew quiet, animals of all sizes gathered around Shyam’s cozy burrow to listen to his tales from The Panchatantra.

One cool evening, the gentle hoot of an owl marked the beginning of storytelling time. The animals gathered closer to Shyam’s burrow, their eager eyes reflecting the soft glow of the moon.

Shyam began his story, “My dear friends, tonight I shall tell you a tale of two geese and a tortoise—a story of friendship, adventure, and the power of unity.”

As the animals settled in, Shyam’s voice carried them away to a distant land where the story unfolded.

“Once upon a time, in a tranquil pond surrounded by swaying reeds and fragrant lotus blossoms, there lived two geese named Gaurav and Gita. They were not ordinary geese; they were known for their graceful flight and their unwavering friendship.”

The animals imagined the serene pond, its waters glistening in the golden light of the setting sun, and the two geese gliding through the sky, their wings synchronized in perfect harmony.

“Many animals in the forest admired Gaurav and Gita’s friendship,” Shyam continued. “But among them was a tortoise named Tanuj, who yearned to experience the world beyond the pond. You see, Tanuj was slow and steady, but he was also filled with curiosity and a desire for adventure.”

The animals pictured Tanuj, the tortoise, with his sturdy shell and kind eyes. They could empathize with his longing for adventure and the unknown.

“One day,” Shyam narrated, “Gaurav and Gita noticed Tanuj watching them from the water’s edge with a wistful expression. They sensed his desire for adventure and decided to share their dreams of flying with him.”

The animals felt a warmth in their hearts as they imagined the geese reaching out to their tortoise friend, offering him a chance to fulfill his dreams.

“Gaurav and Gita explained that they were planning to migrate to a distant land,” Shyam continued. “They invited Tanuj to join them on their journey, promising to carry him in their beaks during the flight.”

The animals gasped in astonishment and admiration. The idea of a tortoise flying with the geese was nothing short of miraculous.

“Tanuj was overjoyed by the geese’s offer,” Shyam said, “but he was also filled with doubt. ‘I’m just a tortoise,’ he said. ‘I’m not built for flying, and I fear I’ll be a burden to you.'”

The animals imagined Tanuj’s self-doubt and his concerns about holding back his friends. They wondered how the geese would respond.

“Gaurav and Gita reassured Tanuj,” Shyam continued. “They told him that true friends support and help one another, no matter the obstacles. With their unwavering encouragement, Tanuj agreed to embark on the incredible journey.”

The animals felt a surge of hope and inspiration. They admired the friendship between the geese and the tortoise, knowing that together, they could achieve the extraordinary.

“The day of the migration arrived,” Shyam narrated. “The three friends stood at the edge of the pond, ready to take flight. Gaurav and Gita held Tanuj securely in their beaks, and with a powerful push of their wings, they lifted into the sky.”

The animals held their breath as they imagined the geese soaring into the heavens, carrying their beloved tortoise friend with them.

“As they journeyed across forests, rivers, and mountains, Tanuj marveled at the world below,” Shyam continued. “He saw sights he had never imagined, from the lush green forests to the sparkling rivers. It was a breathtaking adventure.”

The animals closed their eyes and pictured the breathtaking landscapes beneath them, feeling as though they were soaring through the skies alongside Gaurav, Gita, and Tanuj.

“As the days turned into weeks, the trio faced many challenges,” Shyam narrated. “Stormy winds, turbulent rains, and menacing birds tested their resolve. But their friendship and determination carried them through.”

The animals held onto each word, feeling the tension and excitement of the journey, and the unwavering bond that held the friends together.

“At long last, the geese and the tortoise reached their destination—a beautiful land filled with abundant food and peaceful ponds,” Shyam said. “They settled there, and Tanuj’s dream of adventure had come true.”

The animals couldn’t help but smile, their hearts filled with joy for the geese and the tortoise. They knew that true friends could achieve the impossible when they worked together.

“But,” Shyam continued, “the greatest lesson of all was the realization that friendship knows no boundaries. Gaurav, Gita, and Tanuj had proven that with trust, support, and unity, even the wildest dreams could become a reality.”

As Shyam’s story came to an end, the animals felt a deep sense of contentment. They knew that the story of the geese and the tortoise would stay with them, a reminder of the boundless possibilities of friendship and the magic that could be found in unity.

And so, as the animals settled into a peaceful night’s rest, they closed their eyes with a newfound appreciation for the strength of friendship and the belief that, like the geese and the tortoise, they too could achieve extraordinary dreams with the support of their cherished friends.


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