The Monkey and the Wedge from The Panchatantra

The Monkey and the Wedge from The Panchatantra

The Monkey and the Wedge from The Panchatantra

In a small village nestled by the banks of a winding river, there lived a mischievous monkey named Miko. The village was known for its lush green forests, colorful flowers, and an abundance of fruits. Miko, however, was not content with the abundant fruits that nature provided. He was always up to some trick or the other, causing trouble for the villagers.

One sunny afternoon, as the villagers went about their daily chores, Miko spotted a group of them gathered near the riverbank. They were placing wooden wedges between the gaps of the large rocks to divert the flow of the river and create a channel for irrigation.

Miko, being the curious and mischievous monkey that he was, couldn’t resist the urge to investigate. He swung down from the trees and scampered over to where the villagers were working. His tail curled with anticipation as he watched them pound the wedges into the rocks with heavy mallets.

“What are they doing?” Miko wondered aloud, scratching his head.

One of the villagers, an elderly woman named Amina, overheard Miko’s question. She smiled kindly and explained, “We are placing these wedges between the rocks to divert the river and create a channel. This way, we can water our fields more easily, and our crops will flourish.”

Miko’s eyes sparkled with mischief as an idea formed in his mind. He thought, “If wedges can change the course of a mighty river, I wonder what they can do for me!”

When the villagers weren’t looking, Miko snatched a wooden wedge and scampered away into the forest. He thought it would be great fun to use it for his own amusement. Little did he know that his actions would soon lead to an unexpected lesson.

Farther down the river, Miko found a large mango tree laden with ripe, juicy fruits. His eyes widened with delight, and his mouth watered at the sight of the sweet mangoes. However, the tree’s branches were too high for him to reach.

Miko climbed up the tree as high as he could but still couldn’t reach the delicious mangoes. Frustrated, he remembered the wooden wedge he had stolen. “Maybe this will help me get those mangoes,” he thought.

He hurriedly wedged the wooden wedge into a crack between two branches. With all his might, he pressed down on the wedge, hoping to lower the branches closer to the ground. To his surprise, the branches did lower, but as soon as he released the wedge, they sprang back up higher than before. Miko’s plan had backfired, and he found himself dangling high above the ground, clutching the wooden wedge.

Miko began to panic. He swung and swayed from the tree, desperately trying to free himself. Passersby on the nearby road noticed the commotion and rushed to see what was happening. Among them was a wise old elephant named Rajan.

Rajan carefully observed the situation and realized that the mischievous monkey had gotten himself into quite a pickle. With his gentle and wise demeanor, Rajan decided to offer his assistance.

“Dear friend,” Rajan said in a calm and reassuring voice, “I can see that you are in trouble. Let me help you.”

Miko, feeling both embarrassed and relieved, nodded eagerly. Rajan used his powerful trunk to carefully remove the wooden wedge, allowing Miko to safely descend from the mango tree.

As Miko landed on solid ground, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of gratitude toward Rajan. He had learned a valuable lesson about the consequences of his actions and the importance of seeking help when needed.

Rajan looked at Miko kindly and said, “Remember, my young friend, it is always better to seek help and admit our mistakes rather than stubbornly persist in our folly. We can all learn from our experiences, no matter how mischievous or troublesome they may be.”

Miko nodded in agreement, his mischievous spirit tempered by the wisdom he had gained. He returned the stolen wedge to its rightful place by the riverbank, where the villagers continued their work, unaware of the monkey’s adventure.

That evening, as the sun set behind the hills and the villagers gathered for their bedtime stories, Miko listened intently to the tales of wisdom and life lessons. He had his own story to add to the village’s collection, a story of a mischievous monkey, a wooden wedge, and the valuable lesson he had learned.


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