The Lion and the Bull from The Panchatantra – A Bedtime Storytime Classic

The Lion and the Bull from The Panchatantra - A Bedtime Storytime Classic

The Lion and the Bull from The Panchatantra – A Bedtime Storytime Classic

Once upon a time, in the heart of a dense jungle, there lived a mighty lion named Simha. Simha was known far and wide as the king of the jungle, and his roar could be heard echoing through the forest for miles. Despite his fearsome reputation, Simha was wise and just, always striving to uphold fairness and justice.

One sunny morning, as the birds sang their melodious tunes and the jungle creatures went about their daily routines, Simha received a message. It was a message of great importance, for it came from the ruler of the nearby kingdom, King Chandrapal.

The message stated that the king was in search of a powerful and wise advisor to help him govern his kingdom. He had heard of Simha’s wisdom and fairness and hoped that the mighty lion would accept the position.

Simha, intrigued by the prospect of using his wisdom to benefit the kingdom, accepted the invitation and set off for the royal palace, leaving the jungle temporarily under the care of his trusted friends.

Upon reaching the kingdom, Simha was greeted with grandeur and respect. King Chandrapal welcomed him warmly and explained the reason for his visit.

“Great Simha,” said the king, “I am in dire need of a wise advisor to help me make fair decisions and maintain harmony in my kingdom. I have heard of your wisdom and fairness, and I believe you are the one I seek.”

Simha graciously accepted the role of the king’s advisor, and thus began his tenure at the royal court.

One day, while Simha was observing the court proceedings, a commotion erupted. It was a dispute between two wealthy merchants, each claiming ownership of a magnificent bull. The bull in question was a splendid creature, with a coat as black as midnight and horns that glistened like polished gold.

The first merchant, Mahesh, argued that he had purchased the bull at a steep price and that it rightfully belonged to him. The second merchant, Govind, claimed that he had raised the bull from a calf and had invested countless hours in its care. Therefore, he believed the bull was rightfully his.

The court was in a state of confusion, and King Chandrapal turned to Simha for a wise judgment.

Simha listened carefully to both merchants and considered their arguments. He then addressed the court, “It is clear to me that both Mahesh and Govind have valid claims to the bull. However, the welfare of the bull itself should be our top priority.”

Simha proposed a solution. “Let the bull decide its fate. We shall place the bull in the center of the palace courtyard and offer it a choice between two bales of hay. One will be placed near Mahesh, and the other near Govind. Whichever bale the bull chooses will determine its rightful owner.”

King Chandrapal and the merchants agreed to Simha’s wise suggestion. The following morning, the magnificent bull was brought to the palace courtyard. Mahesh and Govind each stood beside a bale of hay, their faces filled with anticipation.

The bull, free to make its choice, took a moment to sniff the hay from each bale. It then walked confidently toward Govind’s bale and began to munch on the sweet hay. The courtyard erupted in cheers, and Govind embraced his beloved bull with tears of joy.

Mahesh, though disappointed, accepted the bull’s choice with grace and thanked Simha for his fair judgment.

From that day on, Simha continued to serve as King Chandrapal’s trusted advisor, providing wise counsel and ensuring justice prevailed in the kingdom. His reputation as a fair and just advisor grew, and the kingdom prospered under his guidance.

And so, in the realm of The Panchatantra, the story of the lion and the bull served as a timeless reminder of the importance of fairness and wisdom in the pursuit of justice.


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