The Hunter and the Doves from The Panchatantra

The Hunter and the Doves from The Panchatantra

The Hunter and the Doves from The Panchatantra

In a distant land, amidst a lush forest, there dwelled a flock of doves. These doves were not just ordinary birds; they were known for their intelligence and unity. They lived together in perfect harmony, cherishing their bonds and the safety of their peaceful haven.

But beyond the borders of the forest, there lived a cunning and relentless hunter named Shikar. Shikar was infamous throughout the land for his relentless pursuit of animals and birds, capturing them for profit and prestige. His reputation struck fear into the hearts of all creatures. 

One bright morning, as the sun’s rays filtered through the dense canopy of the forest, the doves sensed danger in the air. They had learned to trust their instincts, and today their instincts screamed of peril. It was the presence of Shikar, the notorious hunter, who had entered their forest with his net and traps.

The doves huddled together in the treetops, their soft coos filled with anxiety. Their wise leader, Raj, took charge and addressed the flock. “We must stay united and use our intelligence to outwit the hunter,” he declared.

The doves listened, for they respected Raj’s wisdom and leadership. They knew that unity was their greatest strength, and together, they could overcome any challenge.

Shikar, with his cunning, had devised a plan to capture as many doves as possible. He scattered grains of rice in the forest, creating a trail that led to his net. The doves, with their keen eyes, spotted the trail and understood the danger it posed.

But the doves were not ones to be fooled easily. They gathered to discuss a counterplan. It was clear that if they followed the trail to the grains of rice, they would fall into Shikar’s trap.

Raj, the wise leader, spoke up. “We shall not follow the trail laid by the hunter, for that leads to certain doom. Instead, we shall find an alternative source of food and water deep within the forest. We must stay patient and united.”

The doves, inspired by Raj’s wisdom, agreed to follow his guidance. They soared through the forest in search of berries, fruits, and freshwater streams, avoiding the trail of grains that led to Shikar’s net.

Shikar, growing impatient, watched as the doves refused to fall into his trap. He realized that he needed a different approach to capture them. He decided to use a cage baited with grains, strategically placed near the doves’ nesting tree.

The doves, sensing the danger, held a meeting to discuss their next steps. Raj addressed the flock once more. “We must not let fear cloud our judgment,” he advised. “Let us exercise caution and intelligence. If we are to confront this threat, we must work together.”

The doves, determined to protect their home and each other, devised a plan. They agreed to take turns guarding the nest and ensuring that none of their flock fell for Shikar’s trap.

As night fell, Shikar’s plan went into action. He approached the doves’ nesting tree, silently placing the cage baited with grains nearby. But the doves, ever vigilant, had posted a lookout.

One of the doves, named Chitra, saw Shikar approaching and alerted the others. They swiftly organized themselves, and as Shikar reached for the cage, the doves flew out from their hiding spots, cooing loudly to create a deafening cacophony of sound.

Startled and disoriented by the sudden noise, Shikar stumbled back, dropping the cage. The doves seized this opportunity to fly at him from all directions, pecking at his face and scratching him with their talons.

In his pain and confusion, Shikar fled from the forest, vowing never to return. The doves, with their unity and intelligence, had outwitted the cunning hunter once and for all.

As dawn broke, the doves returned to their nesting tree, their wings weary but their hearts filled with pride. They knew that it was their unity and wisdom that had saved them from Shikar’s clutches.

And so, in the realm of The Panchatantra, the story of the hunter and the doves served as a timeless reminder of the power of unity, intelligence, and courage in the face of adversity.


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