The Foolish Brahmin from The Panchatantra – A Bedtime Moral Tale

The Foolish Brahmin from The Panchatantra - A Bedtime Moral Tale

The Foolish Brahmin from The Panchatantra – A Bedtime Moral Tale

In a land where bedtime stories were treasured, there lived a Brahmin named Vikram. He was known for his piety and devotion to his rituals, but he was also known for being quite foolish. Every night, as the sun set and it was time for bed storytime, Vikram would gather the village children around him to hear his stories.

One evening, as the children settled in for their bedtime stories, Vikram began with a tale about the importance of kindness and trust. He said, “Children, in this world, it’s essential to be kind and trustworthy. Trust is the foundation of all relationships.”

The children listened with rapt attention as Vikram continued, “To illustrate this point, I’ll tell you a story about a foolish Brahmin like me, who learned the hard way about the consequences of blind trust.”

Vikram’s story began in a nearby village, where a wise old hermit lived. The hermit was renowned for his vast knowledge and his ability to communicate with animals. One day, the hermit approached Vikram and said, “Brahmin, I need your help. I’ve heard of a magical talking lion in a distant forest. I wish to meet him, but I am too old to make the journey. Will you go in my stead and bring the lion to me?”

Vikram, always eager to help and gain knowledge, agreed without a second thought. He set off on a long and arduous journey to find the magical talking lion. The children leaned in closer, engrossed in Vikram’s tale during their bedtime storytime.

After weeks of traveling through dense forests and crossing treacherous rivers, Vikram finally reached the remote forest where the lion was said to dwell. He was tired, hungry, and anxious but determined to fulfill the hermit’s request.

As he entered the forest, Vikram heard rustling in the bushes. To his surprise, a clever jackal named Chatur greeted him. Chatur was known for his cunning ways and his ability to manipulate others.

“Brahmin,” Chatur said with a sly grin, “I know where you can find the magical talking lion. Follow me, and I will take you to him.”

Vikram was relieved and grateful for Chatur’s guidance. He followed the jackal deep into the forest, deeper than he had ever ventured before. The children in the bedtime storytime audience were on the edge of their seats, eager to know what would happen next.

Finally, they reached a clearing where an imposing lion sat majestically. Vikram was in awe of the creature’s regal presence. The lion spoke in a deep, resonant voice, “Greetings, Brahmin. What brings you to my forest?”

Vikram explained the hermit’s request, and the lion agreed to accompany him. But he had one condition. “Brahmin, I will come with you, but you must promise not to reveal my whereabouts to anyone, especially not to humans who may want to harm me.”

Vikram readily agreed, promising to keep the lion’s secret. The children in the bedtime storytime audience nodded in approval, understanding the importance of trust in the story.

As Vikram and the lion journeyed back, Chatur the jackal grew suspicious. He had overheard their conversation and was now eager to exploit the situation. That night, as Vikram and the lion camped near a river, Chatur hatched a devious plan.

Under the cover of darkness, Chatur approached Vikram and whispered, “Brahmin, do you know that the magical lion you are traveling with has a hidden treasure? He’s keeping it from you, but I can help you find it.”

Vikram was intrigued but conflicted. He had promised not to betray the lion’s trust, but the allure of hidden treasure was too tempting for him to resist.

The children in the bedtime storytime audience exchanged knowing glances, recognizing the Brahmin’s foolishness.

Vikram decided to listen to Chatur’s advice. The next morning, he approached the lion and said, “Oh, great lion, I have heard rumors of a hidden treasure in this forest. Can you please reveal its location?”

The lion was taken aback. He had trusted Vikram and had agreed to accompany him because of that trust. Now, he felt betrayed by the Brahmin’s request.

With a heavy heart, the lion replied, “Brahmin, I can’t believe you would betray my trust after I agreed to come with you. I cannot reveal the treasure’s location, as it is not mine to give. Our journey ends here.”

The lion turned and disappeared into the depths of the forest, leaving Vikram alone and empty-handed.

Vikram realized the gravity of his mistake. He had broken the promise he had made to the lion, and in doing so, he had lost the magical talking lion and any chance of fulfilling the hermit’s request.

The children in the bedtime storytime audience listened intently, understanding the consequences of Vikram’s foolish actions.

Vikram returned to the hermit, ashamed of his actions and unable to fulfill the hermit’s request. The hermit, wise as he was, understood what had transpired and forgave Vikram. He said, “Brahmin, you have learned a valuable lesson about trust and the consequences of breaking it. True wisdom lies in understanding the importance of keeping one’s word.”

The story of Vikram’s foolishness and the lesson he learned from the talking lion became a popular tale among the villagers. It was often shared during bedtime storytime to remind children and adults alike of the importance of trust, integrity, and the consequences of blind trust.

As the children settled down for their own bedtime, they reflected on the tale of the foolish Brahmin. They understood that trust was a precious gift, one that should never be taken lightly or broken for selfish gain. And so, the story of Vikram’s journey served as a timeless reminder of the enduring value of trust and wisdom.


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