The Cunning Jackal and the Enchanted Drum

The Cunning Jackal and the Enchanted Drum

The Cunning Jackal and the Enchanted Drum | Short Indian story in english

In a land far away, there lived a clever jackal named Gomaya. One sunny afternoon, his belly grumbled with hunger, and he set off on a quest for food. As he roamed the countryside, his keen nose led him to a forgotten battlefield where the remnants of a fierce battle lay strewn about.

Among the debris, he stumbled upon a mysterious drum partially buried beneath creeping vines. A gust of wind stirred the overgrown foliage, causing the drum to emit an eerie, haunting rhythm. The sound echoed through the desolate battlefield, sending shivers down Gomaya’s spine.

The jackal, initially frightened by the otherworldly noise, pondered his next move. He thought, “I must uncover the source of this eerie melody. But fleeing in fear would be unwise. Instead, I shall investigate the origin of this haunting sound.”

Summoning his courage, Gomaya crept closer to the enigmatic drum. As he approached, he realized it was no ordinary drum but one ensnared in ancient tales and legends. Intrigued, he pressed on, determined to unravel the mystery.

As Gomaya ventured further, he chanced upon a trove of food hidden beneath a canopy of leaves. The sight of sustenance alleviated his hunger and gave him newfound strength. He knew he couldn’t abandon his discovery.

Just as he was about to feast on his unexpected bounty, he heard the soft rustling of leaves and the whispering of tales from Panchatantra echoing in his ears. It was as if the spirits of ancient stories were guiding him.

Suddenly, a voice filled the air, and it was Damanaka, a wise and cunning character from the Panchatantra stories, who spoke to him. Damanaka said, “Dear Gomaya, do not be afraid of mere sounds. They may hold secrets and stories beyond your wildest imagination.”

Gomaya replied, “But the sound is eerie and unsettling. What if it signifies danger?”

Damanaka, ever the wise advisor, responded, “Fear not, for a courageous heart can unravel the mysteries of the unknown.”

Encouraged by Damanaka’s words, Gomaya decided to stay and investigate the origin of the haunting sound. He realized that the drum was enchanted, and its music held the key to unraveling a centuries-old riddle.

As he delved deeper into the legend, Gomaya uncovered secrets of ancient kings and their treasures hidden beneath the battlefield. The enchanted drum was their protector and guardian, and its haunting melody was a warning to those who dared trespass.

With newfound knowledge and courage, Gomaya decided to honor the memory of those who had fought on the battlefield by safeguarding their treasures. He would become the guardian of the enchanted drum, protecting it from those who sought to exploit its power for their gain.

From that day forward, Gomaya the clever jackal stood as a symbol of courage and wisdom, a character whose tale would be whispered alongside the timeless stories of the Panchatantra.

And so, as the sun set over the ancient battlefield, Gomaya continued to listen to the enchanting drumbeat, knowing that he had become a part of a story that would be told for generations to come.


This version incorporates elements of the Panchatantra and emphasizes the importance of courage and wisdom, inspired by the teachings of these ancient fables.

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