The Crow and the Snake from The Panchatantra

Crow and the Snake

The Crow and the Snake from The Panchatantra

Once upon a time, in a serene village nestled at the foot of a lush green mountain, there lived a wise old crow named Chitragreeva. He was famous not only for his jet-black feathers but also for his endless wisdom. Every evening, the children of the village gathered around him, eager to listen to his enchanting stories for bedtime. These stories were often drawn from the ancient Indian fables known as The Panchatantra.

One beautiful evening, as the sun dipped below the horizon and the sky painted itself with shades of orange and purple, Chitragreeva settled on his favorite branch atop a grand old banyan tree. The eager children gathered around him, their eyes twinkling with anticipation.

“Today,” Chitragreeva began with a mischievous glint in his eye, “I have a special story for you. It’s called ‘The Crow and the Snake’ from The Panchatantra.”

The children leaned in closer, their imagination taking flight.

Chapter 1: The Crow’s Dilemma

In a dense forest near the village, there was a tall, ancient tree. In one of its sturdy branches, a family of crows had built their nest. The crow family consisted of a wise old crow named Chitrakar, his loving wife Shobha, and their curious little crowling, Mithun.

One scorching summer day, as Chitrakar flew around in search of food for his family, he stumbled upon a snake trapped in a hunter’s net. The snake was desperately wriggling and hissing in distress.

Chitrakar, being a wise and compassionate crow, felt torn. He knew that the snake could be dangerous, but he also believed in helping those in need. After some contemplation, he decided to approach the snake cautiously. “Fear not,” he said to the trapped serpent, “I shall free you from this net.”

The snake, grateful for Chitrakar’s kindness, promised, “I shall never forget this act of mercy, and I shall help you whenever you need.”

Chitrakar carefully pecked at the net with his beak until the snake was free. As the snake slithered away, he turned to Chitrakar and said, “If you ever need my assistance, just call for me.”

Chitrakar nodded, and they parted ways.

Chapter 2: The Snake’s Vow

Days turned into months, and the forest went through its cycles of seasons. The snake kept his promise and protected Chitrakar’s nest from predators. The crow family lived in harmony, safe and sound, thanks to their unusual alliance with the snake.

One day, a fierce wildfire swept through the forest. The flames danced dangerously close to the crow’s nest, threatening to devour everything in their path. Chitrakar and Shobha frantically tried to save their little crowling, Mithun.

Chitrakar remembered the snake’s vow and called out to him, “Oh, snake! We are in dire need of your help!”

Without hesitation, the snake slithered to the scene. Using his swift movements, he created a barrier of protection around the crow’s nest, shielding it from the raging fire. The flames hissed and sputtered against the snake’s barrier but could not harm the crow family.

As the wildfire gradually died down, Chitrakar and Shobha looked at the snake with gratitude and relief. “You have saved our family once again,” Chitrakar said, “We owe you our lives.”

The snake replied with a solemn nod, “A friend in need is a friend indeed.”

With hearts full of gratitude, Raja, Gita, and Tara thanked Akash for the precious story and the invaluable wisdom they had received.

And from that day forward, they no longer sought a hidden treasure but instead embraced the wisdom of the wise old bird, making their forest home a place of harmony, kindness, and learning.

Chapter 3: The Betrayal

As the years passed, Chitrakar, Shobha, and Mithun lived happily with their unlikely friend, the snake. They shared stories, laughter, and adventures together, cherishing the bond they had formed.

However, not all creatures in the forest were as accepting of this friendship. A cunning fox named Vikram, who had always harbored ill feelings toward the crows, observed their friendship with the snake. He saw an opportunity to create chaos and jealousy among the animals of the forest.

One day, Vikram approached a group of animals who were conversing near a shimmering pond. With sly words, he said, “Have you heard about the crow who befriends a snake? It’s unnatural, I tell you! Crows and snakes are supposed to be enemies.”

The animals were intrigued by Vikram’s words and decided to investigate the matter. They soon discover the truth about Chitrakar, Shobha, and the snake’s friendship. The news spread like wildfire through the forest, and the animals grew uneasy.

Chapter 4: The Test of Friendship

Feeling the mounting tension in the forest, Chitrakar decided to confront the issue head-on. He called a meeting of all the forest animals near the grand old tree. He stood before them and spoke, “My friends, our friendship with the snake has been built on trust, kindness, and the promise of help in times of need. It is a bond that transcends our differences. But if our friendship is causing discomfort and division among you, we are willing to prove its worth.”

The animals agreed to a test of friendship. Chitrakar, Shobha, and Mithun would have to spend a night in the same nest as the snake, ensuring everyone’s safety and trust in their friendship.

That night, as the moon rose high in the sky and bathed the forest in its silvery glow, the crow family and the snake curled up together in the nest. The other animals gathered around, watching with bated breath.

The night passed peacefully, and the sun’s first rays broke through the horizon. Chitrakar, Shobha, Mithun, and the snake emerged from the nest, unharmed. The animals witnessed the bond of friendship and trust that had been tested and proven.

Chapter 5: Unity and Harmony

The animals of the forest were moved by the sight of true friendship prevailing over prejudice. They realized that unity and harmony were more important than any differences they might have had. Vikram, the cunning fox, felt ashamed of his actions and apologized to Chitrakar and the snake for sowing discord.

From that day forward, the forest was a place of unity and friendship among all its inhabitants. Chitrakar, Shobha, Mithun, and the snake continued to live together, sharing their stories and wisdom with the animals of the forest.

And so, the story of “The Crow and the Snake from The Panchatantra” became a cherished tale of friendship and acceptance, passed down from generation to generation. The children of the village listened with wonder in their eyes as Chitragreeva finished the story.

“Remember,” Chitragreeva said with a smile, “friendship can bridge even the deepest divides, just like the crow and the snake in this story.”

As the children headed to their beds, they carried with them the valuable lesson of unity and the warmth of a timeless story for bedtime. 


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