The Mischievous Monkey and the Cunning Crocodile: A Panchatantra Short Story

The Monkey and the Crocodile from panchatantra

The Mischievous Monkey and the Cunning Crocodile: A Panchatantra Short Story

Once upon a time, in the lush heart of India, there lived a clever monkey named Monu. Monu was known far and wide for his wit and wisdom. He lived by the banks of a majestic river, surrounded by towering trees and abundant fruit. Every day, he swung from branch to branch, feasting on ripe mangoes, juicy bananas, and succulent guavas. Life couldn’t have been sweeter for Monu, or so he thought.

One sunny morning, while Monu was enjoying the crisp taste of a freshly picked mango, he heard a splash in the river. Curiosity piqued, he leaped to a nearby branch and peered down. To his surprise, he saw a crocodile basking in the sun on the riverbank.

The crocodile’s name was Chandar, and he was known for being as sly as they come. His shiny scales glistened in the sunlight, and his sharp eyes fixed on Monu, who was munching away on his mango.

“Good morning, my dear monkey friend,” called Chandar with a sly smile.

Monu, never one to shy away from a conversation, replied, “Good morning, dear crocodile. What brings you to this part of the river today?”

Chandar stretched lazily, concealing his true intentions. “I have heard tales of your legendary wisdom, Monu. I thought I’d come and have a chat with you, learn from the best, so to speak.”

Monu was flattered by Chandar’s words. He loved nothing more than sharing his wisdom, so he swung down from the tree and joined the crocodile on the riverbank.

As days turned into weeks, Monu and Chandar developed an unlikely friendship. They shared stories and laughter, and Monu even offered to share his delicious fruits with Chandar. The crocodile relished the sweet treats and found himself growing fonder of the clever monkey with each passing day.

One evening, as the sun dipped below the horizon and the river sparkled with the reflection of the stars, Chandar confessed a secret to Monu. “My dear friend,” he began, “I have a family that lives far downstream. My wife and children are eagerly waiting for me. Would you do me the honor of visiting them with me? I would be delighted for you to meet them.”

Monu was touched by Chandar’s invitation. He had grown fond of the crocodile and saw no reason to decline. “Of course, Chandar,” he replied. “I would love to meet your family.”

With that, Chandar and Monu set off downstream, their friendship stronger than ever. As they journeyed, Monu marveled at the beauty of the river and the mysteries it held.

However, as they traveled farther and farther from Monu’s beloved fruit trees, the monkey began to feel uneasy. He realized that he had no way of returning to his home, where the juicy fruits he loved awaited him.

Days turned into weeks, and Monu couldn’t help but notice that they were getting farther from his familiar surroundings. His once-plump belly grew thinner, and he longed for the taste of a sweet mango.

One day, as they approached a remote part of the river, Chandar turned to Monu with a gleam in his eye. “My dear friend,” he said, “I must confess that my family lives in a remote cave deep underwater. To reach them, you must climb onto my back, and I will swim us there.”

Monu hesitated. He had never ventured into deep water before, and the thought of it filled him with fear. But Chandar reassured him, “Trust me, Monu. I promise to keep you safe. Once you meet my family, you’ll see the true beauty of our underwater home.”

Reluctantly, Monu climbed onto Chandar’s back, clutching onto his scales. The crocodile swam smoothly through the water, diving deeper and deeper until they reached the entrance to his family’s cave.

Inside, Monu was greeted by Chandar’s wife, Chandra, and their little crocodile hatchlings. They welcomed him with warm smiles and open hearts, and Monu couldn’t help but feel touched by their hospitality.

Days turned into weeks, and Monu settled into the underwater cave with Chandar’s family. He grew fonder of them with each passing day and marveled at the vibrant underwater world that surrounded him.

However, as time passed, Monu began to miss his old life—the sweet fruits, the tall trees, and the feeling of the warm sun on his fur. He longed to return to his home by the riverbank.

One day, as he confided his homesickness to Chandar, the crocodile’s expression changed. He confessed, “My dear Monu, there is something I haven’t told you. I brought you here not only to introduce you to my family but also because they desire a taste of your delicious heart.”

Monu’s heart sank as he realized the truth of Chandar’s intentions. He had been lured into a trap, and his life was now in grave danger.

Desperate to escape, Monu hatched a clever plan. He pretended to be flattered by Chandar’s words and said, “I would be honored to share my heart with your family. But first, I must retrieve a special fruit from my home by the riverbank—a fruit that will make my heart even more delicious.”

Chandar, eager to please his newfound friend, agreed to let Monu return to the riverbank. “But be quick,” he warned. “I can’t wait to introduce you to my family.”

With that, Monu climbed onto Chandar’s back once more, but this time, he had no intention of becoming a crocodile’s meal. As soon as they reached the riverbank, he leaped onto the shore and scampered up a tree, out of Chandar’s reach.

Chandar, realizing that he had been outwitted, pleaded with Monu to return. But the clever monkey refused, his heart heavy with the betrayal of his once-friend.

From his safe perch in the tree, Monu called out to Chandar, “My dear friend, I thought you were my true friend. But you lured me here with deceit and ill intentions. I can never trust you again.”

Chandar, filled with regret, hung his head in shame. He had allowed greed to cloud his judgment and had lost the true friendship of the clever monkey.

With a heavy heart, Monu swung from tree to tree, making his way back to his beloved fruit trees. He was grateful to have escaped the cunning crocodile’s trap, but he had learned a valuable lesson about trust and friendship.

As for Chandar, he returned to his underwater home, a wiser crocodile. He realized that true friendship could never be built on deceit and betrayal and vowed to live an honest life from that day forward.

And so, the tale of “The Mischievous Monkey and the Cunning Crocodile” became a timeless lesson in the perils of deception and the enduring value of true friendship, a cherished story from the pages of Panchatantra that would be passed down through generations, reminding all who heard it to cherish the bonds of trust and friendship above all else.


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